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Newspapers were originally published only 'in print', but now newspapers also replicate most of their content in online editions. The newspapers on this page have had the print editions digitised or transcribed and indexed in databases, which means you can search by keywords, authors and other search terms as well as browsing a specific issue. 


  • Some publications may have an embargo period (usually 3 days) before new content is uploaded and made available through the databases.
  • Article titles may vary between the print and online editions, depending on which edition has been transcribed for the database.

For online editions or for online only newspapers and news providers please see the Online News tab 

Finding newspapers in the Library collection

Some newspapers are indexed through the Library collection. To search the Library collection just for newspapers: 

Go to the Library collection

and then select the ellipis to see more:

Catalogue top banner with the ellipsis tab outlined in red

select Newspapers from the list, and then search for your keywords or newspaper title:

Library catalogue ellipsis menu with Newspapers selected and highlighted with a red outline


You can also find newspapers and news content by searching our databases. A full list of databases containing news content can be found under Databases> News Tips on searching the most popular news databases are below:


Westlaw Australia and Westlaw Classic provide transcribed full text access to major Australian and international newspapers. See the slides below on how to find and search for news content in Westlaw Australia:

ProQuest Newsstream

ProQuest Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Newsstream provides access to Australian and New Zealand Newspapers.

*NOTE* ProQuest also contains access to other International Newsstreams such as the Canadian and United States Newsstream

Use the interactive hotspots (in the image below) to find out how to search for newspapers in any of the ProQuest Newsstream databases:


NewsBank provides full-text access to a wide range of news content sourced from local, state, national, and international publications. As well as transcribed full text, selected newspapers on Newsbank are also available in Image format (which is like reading the original physical paper format). See the slides below for tips on using NewsBank:

Major newspapers and news services

South Australian Newspapers
Major Australian Newspapers

 Want to know what other newspapers are published in Australia? See the link below for a list. You can then use NewsBank ANZ Newsstream or Westlaw AU to check if we have access.

Not sure what newspapers are published in various countries? Try these links below:

Historic Australian newspaper content

State Library of South Australia Newspaper Reading Area in 1990, a man is reading a newspaper at a sloped table

Searching for historical newspaper content? 

Many Australian newspapers have been digitised by State Libraries or the National Library of Australia and are freely available to search through Trove.

Coverage of historical Australian Newspapers extends as far back as 1803. Due to copyright restrictions, digitised newspaper content on Trove generally only goes up 1954, but some titles may have extended access where specific copyright permission has been obtained.

Note that digitised coverage of newspapers between 1955 and the 1990s may not be consistently available online due to publications being in copyright.  Some 1990s content may be available via subscribed databases, but coverage is not comprehensive. If you need access to content from this timeframe you may need to visit a State or National Library in person to access print or microfilm versions.

See the links below for more information about searching for South Australian and Australian historical newspapers.

Image: State Library Newspaper Area, State Library of South AustraliaB 53035