News Media: Where to start

News media quick guide - where to start

News can be found in various formats; print, online and video content. This guide will assist you to find News content through Library subscribed resources and online.

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News statistics with Statista

Navigate to Statista

Statista - is the leading statistics portal for market data, market research, and market studies. In this database you can also find statistics relating to the news industry. Such as:

 News and Media content

To find company information – type name of company into search box

e.g. Adelaide Advertiser

To find industry information – type industry keywords into search box

e.g. news or media

Once you have opened a result, to view the topic as a single document, select the View Dossier button.

Where to find company information on news companies

Company and industry information

Looking for Company or Industry Information about news media companies? 

Start with the Company and Information quick guide on where to search for Australian or International companies.

Major newspapers and television media outlets are usually owned or a part of large companies, who often own several newspapers. 

  • Check the 'About Us' section or the footer of a newspaper's website to check for a company name  - i.e. News Holdings Australia
  • You can then look up these parent companies up in our company and industry databases.
  • For more information on how to search in these databases visit the Company and Industry Information Guide.