News Media: Media releases

Discover how to find media releases.

What is a media release?

The News Manual provides resources for journalists and the media. They state:

One of the main sources of news for journalists is the media release (sometimes called the press release). This is often a news story or feature, written by a press officer or information officer and sent to each newspaper and broadcasting station.

On this page there is information on where to find Media Releases and links to how to create them.

Finding media releases

When searching for media releases look or search for a section called media, media centre, press, press centre, news or something similar.

The following sources are good places to find media releases, their websites will often have a media release section which you can search or browse:

  • government departments and agencies
  • local government
  • non-profit organisations e.g. charities
  • large corporations

You can also search for media releases in the following databases:

Finding government media releases

How to write a media release