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Your Library provides Course Readings: these are online student reading lists via eReserve. The Course Readings guide linked to below includes FAQs and step-by-step support to get you started.

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Textbook Provision


We strongly urge you to discuss your potential textbook with the Library before finalising your selection and adding to the Program Course and Management System. This is to ensure we can acquire suitable access for your cohort.

To reduce student costs, your Library endeavours to acquire each textbook under the most flexible ebook license available to institutions. However, these ebook licenses are often heavily limited by publishers. Many titles are only available to institutions under a 1 or 3 concurrent user limit.

Such limited access will be sufficient for most cohorts, but may result in access issues if, for example:

  • the cohort is particularly large; or
  • the textbook is likely to be heavily used at prescribed times (e.g. during an examination).

We can work with you to confirm institutional licenses available for your preferred textbook and, if access is insufficient for your students' projected needs, help you identify flexibly-licensed potential alternatives.

Please contact us through Ask the Library to discuss these issues, or visit the links below to learn more.