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Or visit the complete list of UniSA subscribed Company information databases

Watch this short video for help searching EbscoHost databases (Business Source) for company information.

Having trouble finding a company?

  • Man holding a lightbulb. Public Domain image from Pixabay.Has the company name changed? e.g. Sanofi Aventis is now known as Sanofi
  • Search for the full name and any abbreviations e.g. GSK OR GlaxoSmithKline
  • Check the spelling if you cannot find the company
  • Try searching for just one of the name words e.g. for Boeringher Ingelheim try searching for Ingelheim
  • Check company's website. Most will feature their annual reports on subpages called (amongst other things) 'for investors', 'about us' or 'corporate information'. E.G. API's Investor page

More help

Company information can be difficult to find. Start by using the Library's: Company and Industry Information guide.

Picture of an annual report. Public Domain image from Pixabay






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