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WELF 1014: Human service provision 

1. What you need to do?

For your assessments you will need to find additional references to support your argument and demonstrate your wider reading.

Please see your course outline and and course site for full assessment details.

2. Searching Tips

On these pages you will find resources on how to: 

       Plan Your Search - PDF - (271.61 KB)

       Find Information

3. Assessment 1 - Searching for journal articles

Finding journal articles

In Assessment 1 you need to find 6 journal articles (in total) and cite them correctly. 

On the Library catalogue you can filter to search through Peer-reviewed Journals.

  • You can start your searching on the Library Collection
  • Use the Refine my results section to limit to peer-reviewed content (credible academic sources)
  • Here is an example search to get you started:

*PEER REVIEWED SOURCESHere is a short video, Study Help: Scholarly Sources Explained that explains peer-reviewed sources (also known as scholarly or refereed sources).

*REFERENCING* - Visit the APA Referencing style guide to find out how to cite a Journal Article.

Finding book chapters

As part of this assessment you will also need to find Book chapters.

Search the Library catalogue for Book Chapters in the same way you searched for Journal Articles.

*HINT* you will find a filter for Book Chapters

*REFERENCING* - Visit the APA Referencing style guide to find out how to cite a Book Chapter.

Google Scholar

You could also try searching through Google Scholar (access it through the Library Collection)


4. Assessment 2 - Blog style essay

Refer to your assessment instructions as the paper is to be written in the style of a blog. Examples of this can be found on the Re-Imagining Social Work in Aotearoa New Zealand site, in particular this article.

This short video and the resources linked below will assist in the planning process.

6. Evaluating Information

It is important to evaluate the information you find. Watch this short video and for more information view the Evaluate page.

7. Further Assignment Help

The Student Engagement Unit has created a suite of resources called Study Help that can help you understand different assignment types.

There is also a Writing your assignment page that can also assist you with interpreting your topic and planning your search


Take a look at:

Studiosity offers assistance with academic writing, referencing, maths, business studies and more. Use the online chat or submit work for feedback.

8. APA Referencing Style


8. Library Help