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What does it mean?

 Need help with legal terminology? These key resources can help clarify or define terms:

Where do I search?

Finding literature 

The Library Collection is a good starting place. It covers some, but not all, relevant publications. It also covers every discipline. Searching a relevant database is a good way to find specific information and to ensure your search is comprehensive. 

Finding legislation

Complete this short interactive tutorial on finding Australian legislation to learn how and where to search. 

Search in these key databases:

Help with legal research

The Law Research Guide has been designed to teach basic legal research skills and teach you how to find legal information to use in your studies.

How do I find reports and statistics?

 Search tip: use Google to search across multiple Australian, state, territory and local government websites by including (or to limit to South Australian bodies) in your search e.g. 

Example search using 'site' search limit

Search these key websites to find reports and statsitics:

Where do I find information on Courts and Community Legal Centres

Finding information about courts

Finding information about community legal centres