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This learning module will introduce you to some of the key Australian copyright considerations you will face working in the creative industries. The creative industries are diverse. You may work (or be about to work) within screen, design, communication or visual and performing arts.

As a creative professional your work is your brand. Wherever possible it is best practice to create and use your own material. However, there may be circumstances where you need to reuse the material of others such as images, photos, text and videos. This guide will show you how.

Here is a brief overview of what each section will cover:

Introduction to copyright:

  • Understand why copyright is important

 Part 1:  Reusing 

  • Examine your legal responsibilities when adapting and/or re-using others’ works

 Part 2:  Creating

  • Explore the rights and protections afforded to your creative work including how to license, share or commission your works and enforce your rights when required. 

Future considerations:

  • Explore new technologies which impact how creative works are shared and sold.

Important: Each country has their own copyright rules. The information contained in this resource details the Australian regulations: Should you wish to create material in another country, you must abide by their local copyright laws and regulations. Rules and laws can change. The information in this resource is intended as guidance only and does not constitute legal advice. 

Key information sources:

As a working professional, the key to adhering to copyright is knowing where to find the latest information. See key sources below: