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Concluding Remarks

This learning module has examined some of the key Australian copyright considerations you will face working in the creative industries.

Part 1- discussed your rights and responsibilities when utilizing the works of others.

Part 2- explored the rights and protections afforded to your creative works; as well as discussing the practical elements of how to license, share or commission your works and enforce your rights when required.

Important: Some industries and resource formats have exceptions or special rules that might apply. It is impossible to account for every scenario so we encourage you to seek legal professionals and services if required. 

We wish to acknowledge the following people for their immense support and ideas that resulted in the creation of this learning module:

  • Katrina Mclachlan- Online Course Facilitator for the Bachelor of Digital Media and Bachelor of Communications within UniSA Online
  • Daria Ivanek- UniSA Library and Information Management Project student