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Seeking permission

You must seek permission (a copyright license) from the copyright owner every time you use a ‘substantial’ part of resource unless an exception applies (see the next page on permission exceptions).

If you have have found material that you would like to reuse over the internet, look for a 'Copyright', 'Licensing' or 'Terms and Conditions' page. This will detail how the material may be used or includes contact information so you can request permission. 

Identifying the copyright owner can be tricky as the creator of copyright material is not always the copyright owner. 

Likely copyright owner:

  • Artistic Works (including photographs)- creator
  • Books/print media- publisher
  • Films/TV programs- production company.
  • Recorded Music- record company
  • Blog/Internet- look for a 'Copyright', 'Licensing', or 'Terms and Conditions' page.

If you are unable to determine the copyright owner do not assume that you can use it. The above suggested list will be a good initial contact point.

Tip: It’s always best to get permission in writing in the event you are challenged about it at a later date. Permission can be as simple as an email from the copyright owner/ authorised representative that confirms you are allowed to use the material in the way that you intend.


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