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ACCT 2013: Case Study

This guide was created to assist you with finding resources for your case study assignment.

  • Please insure you read all of the details on this assignment, which are available from your course website.

1. What is a case study

Case studies are descriptions of situations which you will likely encounter within your chosen discipline. They may be presented as essays, reports or in specific templates provided to you so you will need to carefully analyse the task you have been given and look at the particular requirements of your assignment.

2. Using Excel

Watch the videos below to understand the basics of using excel. To choose a different video in the playlist us the undefined icon located in the top right hand corner of the video below.

  • Video 1: A basic introduction
  • Video 2: Formulas and functions
  • Video 3: How to make a chart

3. How to write a report

Watch this short video (approx 3 mins) for tips on how to write a report or access the overview document below.

4. Report writing support

image of an information icon For more help on improving your academic skills and referencing, please visit Study Help page.

Referencing support

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
Help with the Harvard UniSA referencing style. Find in text-citations and reference examples, from different sources such as articles, books & chapters, websites, and more.

Other referencing support tools:

  • Referencing forum
    Discuss referencing, exchange advice and post questions and answers about referencing (facilitated by Student Engagement Unit).
  • What do you do with all those references you have found?

    Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. There are also many free systems available.