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UniSA Library resources for teaching staff on using eReserve to manage course readings

Course Readings

What is eReserve?

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Readings at UniSA are provided using eReserve. eReserve is an add-on for Moodle that gives course developers control over reading lists. You are able to add readings and control how and where they are presented to students. 

How do I access eReserve?

Start from a course site in LearnOnline. Choose the Resources menu and select eReadings.

What do I need to do to set up a reading list for my course?

Setting up a course reading list in eReserve is a quick and simple process which can be done in 3 steps:

  1. Create a new list or roll over an existing list
  2. Add new readings if required
  3. Publish the list to a course site

Why should I use eReserve for my readings?

The benefits of utilising the eReserve system include:

  • Convenience

    Reading lists are integrated with learnOnline, and you can embed readings directly on your course pages. You can add readings to your course reading list, and roll lists over to new courses or study periods very easily; in most cases, these readings will be made available to students without delay. Furthermore, you can use eReserve to make requests for resources not currently accessible via the Library; it’s usually a quick process.

  • Expert Librarian Knowledge

    Through eReserve, Library staff can apply their expert knowledge in seeking and applying the best possible access to resources. Students can also seek assistance with readings and eReserve through the Ask the Library service, removing the need for course facilitators to play the ‘middle man’.

  • Consistency

    Both students and course facilitators experience a consistent user experience when readings are presented through the centralised eReserve system.

  • Accessibility

    Library staff have procedures in place to ensure readings presented in eReserve meet the access requirements of all students.

  • Analytics

    eReserve provides a wide range of real-time analytics for student engagement with readings.

  • Copyright Compliance

    Placing items in eReserve ensures that you and UniSA do not unknowingly breach the Copyright Act, and that we effectively record what copyrighted works are made available electronically to students. All UniSA staff must adhere to the limits and regulations of the Copyright Act.

How eReserve works at UniSA

This is a flowchart summarising the approval process for readings.

  1. After you create a reading list, you can add reading requests to your list.
  2. The vast majority - if not all - of your reading requests will be auto-approved and available to your students as soon as the reading list is published. A very small proportion will need manual approval by Library staff, for the following reasons:
    • If there's a potential copyright conflict.
    • If you add a note to your request for the attention of Library staff.
    • If you leave out some critical information (e.g. a link to the reading, or key citation information).
  3. When you're ready for your reading list to be available to your students, you can publish the list.
  4. You can continue to enhance your reading list for as long as it's available to students, adding and removing readings and moving them around as you see fit.
  5. You can also embed these readings on your course pages, to make them available to your students in the context of your other pedagogical content.