Entrepreneurship: Funding

Funding options

There are many different options for funding your business idea including:

Funding type Description Source
CrowdFunding " donation of money from the public" business.gov.au
Angel Investors "Very wealthy individuals who invest their own money into startup companies" LinkedIn Learning course: "Entrepreneurship: Raising startup Capital"
Venture-Capital Firms "Venture capital (VCs) firms provide early-stage financing for high-growth, high-potential companies that would not otherwise be able to secure financing." "very few firms qualify" LinkedIn Learning video: Raising venture capital
Grants The Australian government financially supports many startups and small businesses. Keep in mind that you'll generally need to meet certain criteria to be eligible.


Using your own funds Using your own funds shows to investors "that you believe in yourself and in your company, and that you are not afraid to bet on yourself" LinkedIn Learning course:
Entrepreneurship: Bootstrapping your business

For more information and tips about the different type of ways to seek funding see the suggested resources below:

Watch this LinkedIn Learning course Entrepreneurship: Raising Startup Capital to better understand the different ways of securing your funding including crowdfunding, using angel investors and venture-capital firms.

Entrepreneurship: Raising Startup Capital

Activating Angel Investment

International expert Professor Colin Mason (University of Glasgow) has seen angel investment markets emerge, succeed and change across the globe. On 13th November 2019 Colin joined Kathryn Anderson in Adelaide for the Investor Alliance event Activating Angel Investment. As part of the event Kathryn and Colin held a discussion on angel investing, please watch the below highlights:


Crowdfunding opportunities

Government grants

Angel Investors and Venture Capital

Early-stage investors often receive more than 100 pitches per month, which means they need to say "no" to over 99%. Alicia Syrett, CEO of Pantegrion Capital, frequent on-air personality on MSNBC and CNBC, shares the most common blunders that get startups rejected.

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