Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurer

Someone who designs and implements a new method, process, product, or service that addresses a social or environmental challenge. 

Social enterprise

A company or organisation that provides a social product or service at a fee. The main differences between a social enterprise and commercial enterprise are the nature of the product or service, the fee, and the distribution channels, all of which are crafted to maximise access for underserved individuals and populations. 

Social innovation

The act of pioneering new methods, processes, products, and services that address social and environmental challenges. 

Ethics and mission statements

Being ethical is an important part of any responsible business. The reputation of your business determines whether consumers, investors and the community will support you. With a growing awareness from consumers to invest in socially responsible businesses, being unethical or fraudulent can have serious implications.

Visit UniSA's Enterprise skills page for a range of online resources that will help develop your awareness of ethics in business. 

Social enterprises often have mission statements which let the consumers know what they do, how they do it and who they are doing it for. Have a look at some examples below. 

Social entrepreneurship

A selection of Australian and international resources around social entrepreneurship.

Watch Seeding Change

An award winning documentary (51 minutes) that promotes conscious commerce in the watcher. The video prompts users to consider their choices and to support sustainable, ethical, inclusive enterprises.

Social entrepreneurship journals and resources

  • Explore peer reviewed journal articles published in the last 5 years for social entrepreneurship in the library collection.
  • Explore the freely available textbooks and resources available in the Open Education Resources guide. In the subject-specific tab for business, use keyword searching to unearth gems such as the textbook: Entrepreneurship. Published in 2020, this introductory text has sections on the ethical and social responsibilities, identifying opportunity, problem solving, and creativity, innovation & invention.