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Assessment 1: Memo and letter

1. Introduction

For this assessment you will need to:Memorandum icon

  • write a memo to staff in your accounting firm
  • draft a letter to the accounting firm's clients

You will need to cite references in this assignment. This page is designed to assist you with using the Library to find references. Consult your Course Outline for more information about the assessment requirements.

2. Searching the Library Collection

Before you start searching, think of some keywords related to your topic. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • accounting standards
  • client communication
  • lobbying
  • CPA

Use these tips to turn your keywords into a search term:

  • put quotation marks around words that need to be kept together, e.g. "accounting standards"
  • connect and combine search keywords using AND, OR, and NOT
  • use an asterix * to find alternate word endings., i.e. account* will find accounting, accountants, etc.

Then try your search term in the Library Collection:


You may have to mix and match terms!

Here are some examples of completed search terms you can use in the catalogue:

From your results, your can then use the filters on the left to limit by date or choose certain formats.

3. Professional magazines

Harvard Business Review

It is recommended to access the Harvard Business Review journal through Business Source Ultimate database. To search for articles on specific topics within the journal, click the 'Search within this publication' link and on the search page, enter the title or keywords starting from the second row.

Note: leave the first row as it is.

4. Evaluating your sources

Once you have found some resources, you will need to evaluate if they are appropriate and if they are from a credible source. Watch this video for more:  3m: 17s

5. Critical thinking & analysis

Critical thinking is an essential part of taking a scholarly approach to learning. It involves analysing and questioning information you receive to arrive at logical, well-reasoned conclusions.

The following resources will assist you in understanding and developing your critical thinking and analysing skills needed for your assignment.

6. Writing your assignment

7. Ask for help

If you have questions about the assessment, you should post these to your course Discussion Forum.

Studiosity offers an ‘online classroom’, where you can chat with a learning adviser. The associated 'Check Mate' service helps with English, writing and referencing.

Click here for more help options.

8. Referencing support

Other referencing support tools: Referencing software (EndNote)

What do you do with all those references you have found? Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references.

The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. There are also many free systems available.

EndNote Guide

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