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Screen studies

Screen Studies

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The Library Collection is always a good starting point for finding books, articles or videos. Try using some keywords for your first search!

Which terms best describe your topic? Here are a few examples of search terms that you could use in search tools such as the Library Collection to find material relevant to your studies.

Film, TV and documentaries

Library Collection

The Library has many films, tv shows and documentaries available online to stream. Search for a specific title or try a keyword for example "feature films" or documentary TIP: to find online results narrow to:

  • Resource Type: Videos
  • Show Only: Full Text Online



Reviews and news


Newspaper reviews

Access newspaper reviews via one of our newspaper databases listed below or view our database page for the full list

Technical tutorials & theories

ClickViewClickView is a database providing access to a large range of video resources. Features the Video and Media Production collection features series of videos on a range of topics on film making. Series include:
  • Philip Bloom's Cinematic Masterclass
  • Mastering Colour
  • Cinema Sound
  • Illumination Cinematography Workshop
  • Alex Buono's Visual Storytelling

Here are some examples of videos from series available in the Video and Media Production collection.

LinkedIn Learning
Browse by topic to find courses and videos on a range of topics including:
  • filmmaking
  • video editing
  • visual effects
  • motion graphics
  • video pre-production and more ...

LinkedIn Learning also has a wide range of courses on software so you can learn how to use or keep up to date with new versions.

Be inspired

Having creative blocks? 
Here are inspiring videos from some of the industry professionals. 

  Ted video thumbnail "the clue to a great story". Click to listen.

   (video length: 20 mins 43 sec)            (video length: 19 mins)


   (video length: 16 min 11 sec)            (video length: 21 min 49 sec)

Industry information

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Stay connected: organisation and company information