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BUSS 2043: Foundations of Human Resource Management

1. Assessment one

This assignment help page will help get you started finding resources for Assessment 1.

Assessment 1 has 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - Interactive Group Presentation/Facilitation
  • Part 2 - Case study - (Part 2A and Part 2B)

Before you get started make sure you have read the Course Outline and Learnonline site for the full assessment details.

2. Group Facilitation

Watch the video (4 min 25 sec) below to help you understand facilitation.

3. Finding company information

D&B Hoovers provides broker reports for publicly listed organisations, industry reports, and financial information including annual ratios, stock reports, geographical segments, business segments, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

For company reports use the Search for Companies field in the top-right hand corner of the home page or Companies from the drop-down menu in the Search & Build a List tab. 


D&B Hoovers search options: Search & build a list

Search box dropdown: Search for companies


The example (Facebook) used here is NOT the case study for your assessment. Please check your course page for assessment detail.

IBISWorld provides company reports for the top 2000 Australian companies as well as detailed industry reports on Australian industries and selected US and Chinese Industries. 

1. To find company information, type your company name into the search box on the home page, e.g. Facebook, then select search.

IBISWorld sample search: Facebook

2. If your company appears in the results list click on the title to open the report.

3. Use the menu on the left hand side to browse key information.

IBISWorld partial menu: Company details, key personnel, financials

To download the report click this red arrow icon next to the company name. Delivery format options are PDF, Word or Excel.

The example (Facebook) used here is NOT the case study for your assessment. Please check your course page for assessment detail.

Business Source Ultimate gives access to Company Profiles, Industry Reports, Country Reports, SWOT Analyses, and Market Research Reports. The database is USA focused but includes some Australian and international companies and industries as well.

To search for company information, type in the name of your company, e.g. Facebook, select 'CO Company Entity' and click Search.

Business Source Ultimate sample search: Facebook

See more tips on Searching for Company Information.

To find MarketLine or Medtrack Company Reports, use the Company Profiles option.

Business Source Ultimate search page > More > Company profiles

  See more tips on Search for Company Profiles.

4. What is a case study?

Please watch the video (4 min 7 sec) below on what is a case study.

Check the Course Outline for how you should layout your case study.

5. What is a refereed academic journal?

For this assignment:

6. Plan your search

To find information, you will need to think of keywords in your topic that you can use in your search.

  • Determine your keywords/search terms
  • Next think of synonyms or alternative words for these keywords


Keywords/search terms Alternative words
"job analysis" "work analysis", "job design", "job demands"
"job characteristics model" "job characteristics"
"Job Satisfaction"

"employee satisfaction", "employee motivation", "career satisfaction"


"pay benefits", "pay compensation", "employee-benefit programs"

Above are just a few examples. For more information and tips on planning your search:

7. Search tips

Learn how to search the Library collection and databases effectively with the resources below. Watch this video on using the Library Collection (1 min 45 sec).

8. Journals

Using Harvard Business Review

It is recommended to access the Harvard Business Review journal through the Business Source Ultimate database.

To search for articles on specific topics within the journal, click the 'Search within this publication' link and on the search page, then enter the title or keywords starting from the second row.

Note: Leave the first row as it is to keep the search within the Harvard Business Review journal.

Screenshot of advanced search bar in Business Source Ultimate

9. Where to search

The Library Collection can be a useful tool for locating academic references. It is like a search engine that searches across the Library’s collection of print and electronic books, DVDs, journals and theses, together with journal and newspaper articles from numerous databases.

To do a search, try using:

  • OR: connect similar keywords
  • AND: connect different keywords
  • NOT: Excludes words from the search (use cautiously and only when necessary or you might exclude results you actually want)
  • Remember to use "double quotation marks" to keep phrases together.

Library sample search: "job design" AND satisfaction

At the results list you can:

  • Limit to articles from Peer Reviewed publications 
  • Limit by Date eg 2019 to 2024
  • See the full text for many items by selecting the title, then look for the Online link

Search within a journal:

To search key terms in a specific journal in the Library Collection, you can add a Series (journals) search filter as in the example below :

  • Once in the results list, select Advance Search
  • Add the journal name to the second search line (e.g. "Journal of Management")
  • Change Any Field to Series / Additional title
    search within a journal

Google Scholar searches only within academic or scholarly sites, rather than over the whole internet like a regular Google Search. 

Make sure you access Google Scholar from the library website, you will be able link directly to articles that the Library has access to by clicking on the Full-text at UniSA link.

Google Scholar

Watch the video (2 min 13 sec): Why use Google Scholar? to find out more. 

Business Source Ultimate is a comprehensive database that provides information covering all areas of business including accounting and finance; banking; finance and insurance; construction; computer science; economics and more. Includes country economic reports as well as detailed company profiles.

This is an example of an Advanced Search using Business Source Ultimate.

Sample search

You can limit your search by date range and to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals from the box on the left hand side of the results screen.

10. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT logoChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot created by OpenAI and is trained take instruction from humans to generate a detailed response.

Please review the website and register to use it for free here.

Learn more about AI via the Library Guide on Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

AI for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education banner

11. Referencing

Managing your references

What do you do with all those references you have found? Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references.

There are many free systems available. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. For more information see the EndNote guide.