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BUSS 5069: Workplace Learning and Development

1. BUSS 5069 Assessment 1 - Case study

This page has been created to help you complete assessment one, case study. Please see your Course Outline and learnonline site for full assessment details. 

2. Textbook

The video (4 min 29 sec) below will introduce you to the library, show you how to find your textbook, and demonstrate how to download sections of the textbook.

3. Case studies

What is a Case study?

See the Study Help link below for an overview on case studies. An example has also been provided on your course site. 

3. Plan your search

You will need to find 10-15 references for the Case Study. 

Start by thinking of keywords you can use in your searching, also think of alternate words for your keywords you can also include in your searching. Below are example keywords:

learning training development
performance evaluation engagement
motivation strategy employee

Tips for searching:

  • use "quotation marks" around phrases:  
    • ​"employee motivation"
  • use an asterisk (*) to find the plural and other forms of a word
    • perform* (this will find performed, performance, performing, ...)
  • use AND to connect ideas
    • "employee learning" AND performance
  • use OR to search for similar or related terms 
    • "training and development" OR "learning and development"

For more help watch and read the below resources:

5. Searching

Is a great place to start searching using your keywords, to find relevant journal articles, books and other resources in the collection.

Library collection search: "employee engagement" AND learning

Tip: Refine your results using the filters on the right hand side of the page to:

Limit to articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals

Limit by Publication Date eg 2019 to 2024

More help:

Learn efficient and effective searching techniques in this interactive module: Library Collection search tutorial. 

Library Collection search tutorial

6. Assignment Help

Now that you have all your information it is time to write your assignment.

Study Help is an online hub packed with resources with tips and tool for assignments and study. Take a look at the below resources to help you get started:

7. Referencing Support

Managing your references

What do you do with all those references you have found? Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references.

There are many free systems available. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. For more information see the EndNote guide.