Midwifery: Find evidence (Government and organisation information)

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Learn to use the Library Catalogue like a pro!

1:30 - 2 pm
Tuesday, October 20

Find your way inside the human body:
Anatomy.TV & An@tomedia

1:30 - 2 pm
Wednesday, October 28

Finding high-level evidence to support your practice and study

1:30 - 2 pm
Thursday, November 5

For your eyes and ears:
great audiovisual resources to enhance your teaching or learning

1:30 - 2 pm
Friday, November 13

A new way of discovering journals and articles: BrowZine

1:30 - 2 pm 
Tuesday, November 17 

A new way of discovering publications on the web: LibKey Nomad

1:30 - 2 pm
Wednesday, November 25

Find evidence (Government and organisation information)

You won't find everything you need for your study in the Library Catalogue, databases or Google Scholar. 

Information from government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs), and professional bodies is best found by searching online.

A simple web search using a search engine (such as Google) will often find policies, organisational information reports, standards, codes of conduct, and statistical data.  Sometimes going directly to a specific website is the best strategy.

Tips to make your Google search more effective:

Finding quality websites

Health On The Net is a non-profit organisation that promotes transparent and reliable health information online.

It contains a directory of certified health websites that have been evaluated by medical professions for accuracy and authority.

You can search the directory for websites, organisations, or subject areas:

Background information

Government information

Professional bodies

Policies, practice and standards

Other relevant guides