Nursing: NURS 1072: Foundations of Nursing Practice

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Assessment 1

For Assignment 1, you are required to present a summative task that includes a search strategy and annotated bibliography. This page has been created to help you understand your task, plan your search, find and evaluate information, write your assignment and reference correctly.

Please refer to your LearnOnline course site for assessment instructions

Plan your search

Before you start looking for information, use the following steps to plan your search:

  1. Define any words you are unsure of
  2. Identify the main ideas (key concepts) in the statement. These will form the foundation of your search
  3. Then consider alternative words (also known as synonyms) for your key concepts which you can also search for
Note: a table can be a useful strategy for organising key concepts and alternative concepts or synonyms

Example Topic: Discuss the role of the registered nurse in providing person-centred care

Key concepts
Alternative concepts

registered nurse

RN OR registered nurses OR RNs

person-centred care

 person-centered care OR person-focused care OR person-centric care

This table is not comprehensive, you will find more concepts as you begin to search.

Next, combine your terms with OR / AND / truncation *  / ("word + word" ) phrases

  • combine all the search terms for the same concept using OR
  • combine different concepts using AND
  • use "quotation marks" to keep phrases together

Example search strategy:

"registered nurs" OR  RN  (nurs*will find = nurse OR  nurses OR nursing)


"person-centered care" OR "person-centered care" OR "person-focused care" OR "person-centric care"

Watch the video below to learn more about how to plan your search:

Search the Library Collection

The Library Collection is a useful starting point in searching for resources. You can learn to search the Library Collection by working through the following step-by-step tutorial. 

Click the button below to start:

Click to access Searching Library catalogue interactive tutorial

In addition, you can search in some of the suggested databases below.


Searching in Emcare is different to searching in the Library Catalogue.

1. Type your first concept and alternative words into the search box.
2. Uncheck the box labeled Map to Subject Heading.

3. Select Search.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for your next concepts.
5. Tick the boxes next to each of your concept lines.
6. Select Combine with AND.

7. Scroll down to see your results.


Use this tutorial to learn how to search the Emcare database

More useful databases:

Peer reviewed journals

For your assessment you will need to use peer reviewed journal articles. The video below explains more:

  • Credible references are articles from peer reviewed journals that are of high quality and can be used to support arguments that you are presenting.
  • Articles in peer reviewed journals must go through an evaluation process with experts in the field before being published.
  • The terms refereed, scholarly and academic are also sometimes used to indicate quality journals.

Write your assignment

View the Student Engagement Unit's Study Help website for help writing your assignment, or to make an appointment with SEU staff.

An annotated bibliography is a summary of sources, with a short description which informs a reader what a particular text is about, by summarising and evaluating the main points or ideas.

The following are general guide and further information on Annotated Bibiliographies. Remember to always check your course outline for assignment guidelines.


You must appropriately cite (‘acknowledge’) all references used in your assignment to avoid plagiarism.

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