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Scoping Reviews: How to Screen

Library guide for the development of scoping reviews and their associated systematic searches, and required reporting.

How to screen

Screening overview

Once you have run your search on the databases identified in your protocol, you need to screen the results. Screening is a two-part process in which you determine whether each individual article meets your inclusion criteria, and therefore should be included in your review.

To reduce bias, you must have a minimum of two reviewers to screen - yourself and someone else from your review team.

How do I screen?

  1. After you've finished creating your search strategy, save the final version in each database that you identified in your protocol. Once you have them all ready to go, run your search on each database and export all of your results to EndNote.

  2. In EndNote, use a separate group to store the results from each database. Keep your EndNote library safe and backed up, as you will need to refer back to it for full text and your PRISMA flowchart (reporting).

  3. From EndNote, export your references. Then import to Covidence to commence screening.

The Two Stages of Screening:

Number 1 First pass (Title / Abstract)
Number 2  Second pass (Full text)
This is where you examine titles and abstracts to remove obviously irrelevant material. At this stage you may not need to provide a justification for your exclusions. This is where you examine the full text for compliance with your eligibility criteria. At this stage you must provide reasons why you exclude documents.



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