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Social Media for Researchers: Twitter

UniSA Researchers on Twitter

 Video length: 3 minutes 13 seconds


For a full list of Twitter terminology visit the Glossary page on the Twitter website. Here are some of the key terms.

Your Twitter Profile & How to Tweet

Promoting Your Research

There are millions of Tweets going out every minute and this means there is a small window where your followers will see your Tweet. 

Here are some top tips that we have compiled to expand the reach of your Tweets:

 Journals: Follow journals that you would like to publish in and if you are publishing with them tag them in your tweets.

 Researchers: Follow other researchers in your field and share and retweet posts. If you retweet with comment you can tag other people in the retweets.

 DOI: If you include the DOI of your publication in to the Tweet. This will add to altmetrics for your publication. 

Twitter Help Center

Visit the Twitter Help Center for more useful tips.