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Social Media for Researchers: Tips for Social Media

Top Social Media Tips from UniSA Researchers

 Video Length: 3 minutes 52 seconds

Maintaining Your Professional Reputation Online

How you conduct yourself on Social Media can have a big impact on your professional reputation both positively and negatively.

Follow these tips for maintaining a professional online presence:

First Impressions: Your first contact with someone may be through your online presence - consider the impression you are making with your posts.
Separate Accounts: Keep your professional and personal Social Media accounts separate - most Social Media platforms make it easy to switch between multiple accounts. Remember that if you are using a professional account, you must adhere to UniSA's Social Media policies and guidelines.
User Names: Select simple, clear and professional user names - this will also make it easy for people to locate you.
Check Twice, Post Once: Checking for errors before making a post can avoid unnecessary confusion or embarrassment. 
Privacy & Safety: Overly aggressive privacy settings can make it difficult to view and share your content. However, always practice good Cyber Security and never put sensitive information on your Social Media profiles.
Don't Feed the Trolls: Try to avoid getting in to arguments or disagreements online. Always keep your responses polite and civil and don't waste your time responding or engaging with Trolls.

Top Tips

Think about who your target audience is and what message you want to communicate.

Follow or Like key figures, publishers and organisations in your field to see popular or trending topics and weigh in on points of discussion.

Engage with people as much as possible - this will help to build your network and increase your impact.

Update your Social Media profiles regularly with accurate and up-to-date information.

Be Consistent with your Social Media activity. Schedule in time to post, or use 'dead' space such as public transport to maintain this.

COPE: Copy Once Publish Everywhere.  When you create new content on one platform, share it across any other platforms you are using.

Create Impact with Images

Images and other visual elements like videos and GIFs are a great way to instantly make your post more visible and engaging to others. Use your own photos or source an image online.

Check out our guide to finding images and media that don't breach copyright rules.

Consider how images and media will look on a mobile device. Too much detail or small text can be troublesome on mobile devices.   
Choose the right image shape and size for your platform.  For example: Use landscape images for Twitter to avoid your images being cropped. See HootSuite's sizing guide for social media platforms.
Accessibility is important. Add alt text or image descriptions to improve accessibility and visibility on screen readers. Visit your Social Media platform's help centre for more information.