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Accounting: Plan your Search

Tips for searching effectively

Read the recommended readings

Go beyond your set readings

Find references in other articles

Try different search terms

Look for different subject terms

Try different search tools

Be patient 

Evaluate your information

The Research Cycle

Remember, searching is not a linear process.  You may change your search as you discover more information.

Plan your Search

Typing your question into Google or the Library catalogue is not the best way to search.

Mapping out your search can be a good place to start:

  • Identify the key concepts in the assignment question - are there any synonyms you could use?
  • Remove task words from your assignment question
  • Use the course readings, an encyclopediadictionary or reliable websites to understand your topic
  • Think about what types of information you need - which parts of your argument need references as supporting evidence?
  • Explore relevant theories that might apply to your topic
  • Check the assignment requirements - do you need to use recent information?

Study Help: Plan your search video

Using keywords

Once you have planned your search, you need to connect your key words using:

  • OR: Combines similar keywords
  • AND: Combines different keywords
  • NOT: Excludes words from the search

Remember to use "quotation marks" to keep phrases together.

Use an asterisk * to find all the variations of your keywords

For example:

accounting AND "planning process"

"funds flow" OR "cash flow"

manag* OR leadership