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Rural and Remote

Emergency evacuation from remote property SA [Image source: Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, []Many databases, and the Library Catalogue, contain literature from all over the world. For rural or remote health literature specific to Australia, first add the terms rural or remote to your search. Then:

  • use the search term: Australia in your search or
  • limit by geographic region: Australia, if available

You could also try one of these subject searches in the catalogue:

TIP: Use the connector 'OR' to find synonyms when searching: For example: remote OR rural.

For help searching see the Library guide:

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Web Resources

  • National Centre for Farmer Health
    "The Centre provides national leadership to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farm men and women, farm workers, their families and communities across Australia". -Home page
  • Department of Human Services, Victoria – Rural Health
    "This site provides information on rural health services, community and workforce issues and highlights major projects undertaken by the Rural and Regional Health Services Branch of the Department of Human Services”
  • CRANAplus: improving remote health
    The aim of this organisation is “to promote the development and delivery of safe, high quality health care to remote areas of Australia and her external Territories (CRANA Constitution)”

  • National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA)
    Comprises both consumer and service provider member organisations, and works to improve the health of Australians in rural and remote areas

  • National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN)
    Network of university rural health clubs representing medical, nursing and allied health students with the aim of enlarging the health workforce and improving health outcomes for rural and remote Australians