Health: UO HLTH 3065: Project Management for Health and Wellness

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Finding scholarly information for your essay

Finding information for your essay

1. What you need to do

This assignment help will assist you to get started finding information for your formal, academic essay. This includes peer-reviewed academic references and quality primary sources e.g. Government websites and online articles. 

2. Peer reviewed resources

For your assessment you will need to use peer reviewed resources. For more information see the resources below:

3. Plan your search

What is project management? Why and how is it useful to support Health & Wellbeing projects?

Before you start searching:

  • Identify the main concepts in your question or topic.
  • Think about how these concepts may be represented in the literature. In other words, do people use alternative terms (synonyms) to describe something? 

To address the question you will need to consider Project Management theories, tools and techniques. A good starting point for finding terminology and concepts is your text book, Managing Projects in  Health and Social Care by Vivien Martin.

Create a mind map or map out your concepts in a table to organise your ideas. 

Here is an example of a table, this table is not comprehensive, once you start searching you will come across more keywords:

Concept Synonyms or alternative concepts

project management

  • health management
  • project planning
  • risk management
  • project scheduling
health and well being
  • health
  • well being
  • health promotion
  • health care
  • public health
  • community health
  • population health
  • community health and well being

This table is not comprehensive, once you start searching you may come across more keywords.

Test your knowledge

4. Where to search

Good starting points to search for information:

More databases:

5. How to search

Example: Search Library Collection:

Use the Refine my results menu to limit your results. Limits include:

  • Format: Book/Journals - to find specific types of information
  • Peer reviewed journal - to find peer reviewed journals
  • Full text online
  • Publication date 

Example: search Google Scholar from the Library website:

Example: Search Web of Science:

Tip: Use phrase searching to keep phrases together, for example "project management", "community health"

Learn how to combine your search terms using OR and AND and for more help on planning your search read the guide below:

For more help searching watch: 

6. Government and Organisational information

7. More help

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