Health: HLTH 1029: Foundations of Health

HLTH 1029: Foundations of Health

This assignment help will get you started on your Assessment: Academic Paper. 

Please refer to the LearnOnline course site for specific assessment instructions. 

Understand the task

The Student Engagement Unit's Academic Skills website has a number of resources to help make sense of the assignment and instruction words.

Key websites

For your assignment you will need to find information about your chosen health profession, good starting places are:

Tip: Look to see if there is a Subject Guide for your chosen discipline and look at the Find evidence > Government and organisation information page to find professional bodies. 


A mind map is a great tool to help you start brainstorming concepts. Please see the example below to get an idea of how a mind map might look:

Explore the following free online mind mapping software to start your assignment:

Prepare your search strategy

To search effectively it is important to prepare a search strategy.

Identify the key concepts (main ideas) in your assignment. Terminology used will vary, so be sure to consider alternative terms for each. These will be your search keywords.

Have a look at the example question below to see how to start preparing your search strategy.

Example question: musculoskeletal manipulation in Chiropractic


Concepts Alternative keywords
Chiropractic Chiropractor
"musculoskeletal manipulation" "musculoskeletal adjustment", "manipulative medicine"

You can use quotation marks (“ “) to find an exact match, e.g. “healthcare professional”

Combine your terms to form your search strategy (you'll type this in the search box):

  • combine all the search terms for the same concept using OR
    This will search for any of the words included
  • combine different concepts using AND
    This will search for at least one word from each line

Example search strategy:

chiropractic OR chiropractor


"musculoskeletal manipulation" OR "manual therapy"

For more help:

Search the Library Collection

The Library Collection can be a useful starting point in locating quality information.

Use the Library Collection to find:

  • books or ebooks
  • journals or journal articles
  • conference papers and newspaper articles

Learn to use the Library Collection by working through the interactive tutorial below.

Find Journal Articles for your Assignment

Journals and journal articles are a great source of quality information.

They can be found by searching in databases. The Library has a wide range of health-related databases, but for this assignment you could start with Scopus.

To search in Scopus:

  • Type the first line of your search string into the search box.
  • Click the plus button on the right hand side.
  • Add the next line of your search string into the second search box.
  • Repeat these steps to add as many lines as needed.
  • Click the search button.


To refine your results:

  • Use the menu on the left hand side of the results page.
  • You may like to refine by publication date (e.g. 2014-2019).
  • You can also refine by document type (e.g. article).
  • Select the items you require and then click the limit to button.

 Tip: These search strategies can be applied when you are searching in other databases.

 More help:

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar
You can search Google Scholar in the same way as a Catalogue basic search.

  1. Access Google Scholar through the Library website
  2. Follow the instructions to link your session to UniSA
  3. Use the basic search box like the Library Catalogue
  4. Look for the PDF links or Fulltext at UniSA links to access the resource

More help:

Evaluate your References

To do well in this assignment, you need to identify and use quality resources.

Once you have identified potential articles, you need to start evaluating them to determine which articles are the most relevant and appropriate.

Write your Assignment

Demonstrating appropriate academic writing skills will help you succeed in this assignment.

View the Student Engagement Unit's Academic Skills website for help writing your assignment, or to make an appointment with SEU staff.


Your assignment requires you to reference correctly in the Harvard UniSA style.

If you fail to reference correctly you will be required to fix your references and resubmit your assignment.

Use the Referencing Roadmap to learn how to reference different resources correctly.

 More help:

If you need help, just ask!

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