Aboriginal Content in Undergraduate Programs: Welcome

Acknowledgement of Country & Welcome to Country

UniSA encourages Acknowledgement of Country in its workplace culture as an opportunity for staff and visitors to support Aboriginal staff and show respect for the Traditional Owners and the continuing connection of Aboriginal peoples to Country.

Kaurna man Trevor Ritchie offers a Welcome to Country in Kaurna Language and in English. Justene Knight offers an Acknowledgement of Country in Kaurna Language and in English.

Yurirka: Proppa Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples

Yurirka: Proppa Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples is a guide designed for the University of South Australia’s staff and students. It is a valuable resource in our shared commitment to work, engage and partner respectfully with Aboriginal Peoples.

Purkarninthi in Residence (UniSA's Elders in Residence) share their reflections on the resource and its contributions to respectful engagement and reconciliation.

Reconciliation Week - Acknowledgement to Country

During National Reconciliation Week (2021) the Elders, Aboriginal staff members and the V.C David Lloyd, discuss the importance of Acknowledgement to Country and the significance of language throughout history and today.

The below video demonstrates an 'Acknowledgement of Country', by Professor Joanne Cys, UniSA Provost and Chief Academic Officer created for National Reconciliation Week 2021