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This guide contains links to calendars for UniSA and its antecedent institutions. Calendars are also known as guides, guidebooks, handbooks, prospectuses and syllabuses

UniSA Calendars

University calendars

Annual university calendars contain summarised information about what is being taught in each course offered by the university. At UniSA, this publication has been titled University of South Australia Calendar since 1992, a year after the establishment of the university.

The University Calendar is published annually in January and provides the following information:

  • the structure of programs, including requirements for satisfactory completion of programs
  • schedules and course syllabuses for all programs
  • majors, minors and undergraduate elective courses.

UniSA's antecedent institutions

UniSA was created by the merger of the South Australian Institute of Technology and three campuses of the South Australian College of Advanced Education. These institutions were in turn the latest iterations of a number of South Australian educational institutions with unbroken histories stretching back to 1889 and 1856, respectively.

Each of these institutions published its own annual calendar of courses. Calendars during these years were also known as guides, guidebooks, handbooks, prospectuses and syllabuses.

Calendars are primarily sought by past students considering future programs of study, applying to receive credit for prior studies. The calendars are also of value to historical researchers, for whom the calendars reveal part of the history of UniSA, its antecedent institutions and the broader history of South Australia.

For more information about UniSA's history, see UniSA's Our History page (including a timeline).

Print and electronic calendars

Calendars exist for UniSA as well as for most of its antecedent institutions. Recent calendars (since 2005) have been born digital; many (but not all) of the older ones have been digitised.

Electronic and print calendars are accessible via the Library Catalogue: digitised or born digital calendars are publicly available; undigitised extant calendars are available for loan to registered Library patrons.

The Library is in the process of digitising (thereby making publicly available) all remaining extant calendars.

However, there are gaps in our collection. If you have copies of calendars that you are willing to lend or donate to the Library to be digitised, please contact Ask the Library.

How to locate and access calendars

This guide gathers together links to all available calendars, presenting them in a clear, logical and accessible fashion.

  1. First locate your institution, via the tabs at the top of the page.
  2. Then identify the publication you wish to view.
  3. Click on the publication title; this will take you to that publication's record in the Library Catalogue.
  4. Within the Catalogue record, check the publication's Availability.
    • If it is available digitally (i.e. under the View Online heading), select the relevant pdf link; this will open a PDF of the publication.
    • If it is available at URRSA (i.e. under the Get It heading), select Request, then follow the prompts to have it delivered to your preferred campus.

Note: To access UniSA calendars from 2005 onwards, see the special instructions on the UniSA page.

UniSA genealogy

A flowchart illustrating the relationships between UniSA and its antecedent institutions.

Contact us

If you are looking for course outlines (or other course content), these may have been archived by the relevant Academic Units. Please direct such enquiries via Campus Central.

To report any issues within this guide, please contact Ask the Library.

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