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This guide contains links to calendars for UniSA and its antecedent institutions. Calendars are also known as guides, guidebooks, handbooks, prospectuses and syllabuses

UniSA (1991- )

University of South Australia


The UniSA logo.

The University of South Australia was founded in January 1991 through the merger of:

Notable dates

  • 1992: North Terrace campus renamed City
  • 1994-1996: Salisbury campus closedA photo of the Yungondi building at UniSA City West campus
  • 1995: City campus renamed City East
  • 1997: City West campus opened
  • 2001: The Levels campus renamed Mawson Lakes
  • 2004: Underdale campus closed
  • 2005: Mt Gambier Regional Centre opened
  • 2010: UniSA College opened
  • 2017: UniSA Online established
  • 2020: UniSA transitioned to a new academic structure

Transition period (1991-1993)

Campuses of the former South Australian Institute of Technology

(North Terrace, The Levels and Whyalla)

Campuses of the former South Australian College of Advanced Education

(Magill, Salisbury and Underdale)

1992 onwards

University of South Australia Calendar

Important note about calendars from 1992 onwards

When accessing the ‘University of South Australia Calendar (1992 onwards)’ Library Collection link above, you have the option to select which yearly calendar you would like to download under the ‘View Online’ section. Although calendars from 1992 to 2004 and calendars from 2005 onwards are both accessed via the link above, the process for downloading them is slightly different.

Calendars from 1992 to 2004 were published in print and subsequently digitised. When you select one of these years a PDF will open displaying the scanned calendar.

Calendars from 2005 onwards were published as webpages so accessing their archived version is little more involved. When you select one of these calendars you will be prompted to save a compressed (.zip) file.

It is very important that you:A screenshot showing the index.html file.

  • Save this file - don't merely open it at the prompt.
  • Having saved the file, extract/unzip the compressed files before viewing them. It is normal for this extract/unzip process to take half an hour or more.

Once you have extracted/unzipped the files, look in the newly-created folder for index.html, default.html or default.htm. Open this file to begin navigating the calendar.

Course outlines

Course outlines are not archived by the Library. However, they may be archived by the respective Academic Units.

If you need to access a course outline, please check the course's entry in the relevant calendar, then contact the Academic Unit responsible for the course. Contact details for Academic Units can be obtained via Campus Central.

Additional calendars



External courses