Entrepreneurship: BUSS 2085: Entrepreneurship for Social and Market Impact

Assignment Help

1. BUSS 2085: Entrepreneurship for Social and Market Impact

This guide was created to help you find information for the project assessment and the exam for BUSS 2085. Please consult your Course Outline to see assessment details.

2. PEST & Porter's 5 forces

PEST Analysis is a useful tool. You can read more about this here:

The below diagram is adapted from Porter's 2008 article, The five competitive forces that shape strategy.

3. Using the Harvard Business Review

4. Working as a team

The LinkedIn Learning course Teamwork Foundations (opens in a new window) contains a series of short videos on what makes a good team and how to be a better team member.
 Run time: 1h :30m. Use the time stamps to jump to content you want.

Other useful resources include:

5. Finding information for the exam

Search the library collection to find information for your exam. Think about how you can string together various keywords to form a search term, remember to:

Looking for the original article about a model or framework?  Use the ADVANCED SEARCH and include the author in your search. Take this short tutorial to learn more.


The video below will give you some more searching tips.

 Run time: 2m:26s

Other great places to search for information:

6. Critical thinking

Not all information is "good" so it's important to look critically at the information you find. The resources below will give you some tips and guidelines to help.

This short video provides some guidelines on how to critically evaluate information you find.

 Run time: 3m: 17s

7. How to build an effective argument

 Watch these two short videos on how to build an effective argument: