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1. Organisational Entrepreneurship

This guide was created to help you find information on the enterprises you are studying for each topic of Organisational Entrepreneurship. Please consult your course outline and course site to see assessment details.

2. Plan your search

Before you begin your research you need to plan your search to get the best results. Watch the following video (2:26) for help getting started and view the PDF below for more information.

3. Finding company, industry and market information

Navigate to Company and industry information guide

Have a look at our online guide to finding Company and Industry Information.

This guide will help you search the web, our databases and the Library Collection for company and industry information, financial information, annual reports, legislation and regulation, media coverage and information on public/private companies.

4. Key databases

The Library Collection is a useful starting point for locating resources. It searches across the Library's electronic books, journals and newspaper articles from numerous databases.

To do a search, try using:

  • double quotes for phrases (eg, "Cohda Wireless")
  • truncation* to find plural and other forms of a word
  • connect using AND, OR and NOT


From the results list you can see the full text for many items by selecting the title, then look for the View Online links.

Business Source Ultimate is the world's definitive scholarly business database, including financial data, books, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses and more.

You can limit your search by Publication Date range and by Source Types on the left hand side of the results screen.

ProQuest Central is a great source for news articles and industry magazines, along with a broad range of scholarly and non-scholarly content.

Use the options on the left hand side of your results to limit by Source type or Publication date.

5. Orange Sky Laundry

As a not-for-profit Australian social enterprise, a great place to look for information on Orange Sky Laundry is the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission register. This register shows you information about the history of charities, including the financial reports they have submitted to the Commission.

6. Cohda Wireless

​Cohda Wireless has been a great technical leader in its industry, but when you're searching for information for your reports, you'll want to concentrate on their business strategies and avoid getting bogged down in technical detail. Think of keywords that will help you find relevant results.

When searching for background information on Cohda's industry (see step 3), consider the scale on which this business operates. Does it compete with other enterprises within Australia or globally?

7. Facebook

As one of the world's most talked about companies, your challenge with researching Facebook will be to find accurate, objective information on the state of its business.

Our company and industry information databases (step 3) should be your first point of call:

  • For large, global companies, D&B Hoovers is an authoritative, detailed source for financial data and strategic analysis.
  • Search Business Source Ultimate for a business industry perspective, including SWOT analysis

8. Spring Gully Foods

Family enterprises may have fewer obligations to report publicly on their financial performance and business prospects. To find background information on Spring Gully Foods, try searching for secondary sources such as industry magazines and news articles.

You can analyse Spring Gully's competitive environment by looking at industry reports from our databases. IBISWorld is a great source for detailed reports on Australian industry sectors, but make sure you identify the right report for the industry Spring Gully operates in.

9. How to write a report

Now that you have done your research it is time to put all of your information together.

  Watch this short video (2 min 53 sec) for tips on how to write a report or access the overview document at the bottom of this box.