eBooks: Cambridge Core

Using Cambridge Core


To read online, open the Table of Contents and click on a chapter title. You will see a series of icons for viewing options, which may include View HTML (to display the chapter in your browser) and Download PDF.

Most Cambridge ebooks are multiple user, but some have restricted access, meaning that a limited number of people can use them at one time. If you see a message saying "Maximum user capacity for this title reached", you will need to try again later.


The search box at the top of the page allows searching across the platform, while the search box on the right of the book title allows searching within the book. This retrieves a list of chapters containing the search term.


PDFs of chapters may be saved to your own devices. Open the chapter using Download PDF, then use the save option in your PDF viewer.


PDFs of chapters can be printed in whole or in part, using the print options in your PDF viewer. You may print up to 20% of the total number of pages in a book.

Highlighting and annotating

This can be done using comments on your saved PDFs.

Cambridge Core at a glance

Read online Yes
Download Yes, as PDF by chapter
Print Yes, up to 20%
Highlight/annotate Yes, on saved PDF
Personal account Yes, features such as bookmarks and saved searches
DRM free Yes
Simultaneous access Most titles multiple users
Online help User guide

Cambridge Core HE Textbooks

Cambridge Core has a separate but similar platform called Higher Education from Cambridge University Press, for all textbook titles.

There is no limit on the number of concurrent users for these textbook titles.

Reading Online

From December 2020, as long as you are authenticated (logged into) the Library Catalogue with your UniSA details you can access textbooks without having to register a personal account.

To access the enhanced study tools (printing, bookmarking, adding notations etc) on this site you also need to register an individual account with Cambridge and be logged into your individual account before you can read the etextbook. See the comparison for with and without a personal account here.

Downloading and Printing Limits

Printing and downloading is limited to 15% of the textbook. This also requires you to have registered an individual account.

Registering an account

Video Guide to registering a Cambridge HE account 

1. Click on Read this book online  and then Register.

2. Complete the registration form details.

3. You should then receive a verification email. Verify your account and then you will receive a confirmation email.

4. You will now be able to read the ebook by going back to the Library Catalogue to access the ebook and logging into your individual Cambridge account.

If you receive an error message when trying to log into your account, please try clearing your browser cache using these instructions , try logging in using a different browser or try resetting your Cambridge account password.