eBooks: Finding eBooks

How do I find ebooks?

UniSA Library has many more books online than on the shelf, so you have a great chance of finding something suitable.

Start by searching the Library Collection with your keywords.

When your search results appear, you can refine them to show only ebooks. From the options at the left of the screen, check Full Text Online under Show Only, and Books under Resource Type, then click Apply Filters.

If you can’t find anything straight away, don’t give up. There are other places to look, and hundreds of thousands of other ebooks available that Library staff can help you discover. Contact Ask the Library for assistance.

Advantages of ebooks

An ebook is a digital book. At heart it functions just like a traditional print book, but it can be enhanced with technology to make it connected and interactive.

eBooks are accessed through the internet and read using computers, tablets, smartphones or ereaders.

  • Available any time, any place.
  • Read on lightweight portable devices.
  • Multiple simultaneous readers.
  • No need to return.
  • Can’t be lost or damaged.
  • Save and export citations.
  • Search within books.

The ebook strategy

UniSA promotes the use of ebooks in teaching and learning. We also acquire most books required for our research in digital form.

The first priority of the University’s Digital Learning Strategy is 'Delivering an engaging and digitally enriched curriculum'. This priority commits us to ongoing investment in building our online resource collection, through partnerships with reputable academic publishers.

The Library fulfills this priority through a digital-preferred Collection Development and Information Access policy. Where possible, we acquire resources in digital form. Since not all subjects are suited to digital, print resources are purchased if necessary.