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Using ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook CentralReading

To begin reading the book, click the “Read Online” button, or on the desired chapter link in the Table of Contents.

Some Ebook Central books have limits on simultaneous readers from UniSA. If the maximum number of readers has been reached, other people from UniSA will only be able to read the book online for 5 minutes at a time. You cannot "Download to PDF" during this 5 minute reading time.

Some Ebook Central books are only available as Read Online due to publisher restrictions (eg. Cengage).


While reading, you can search within the ebook using the “Search within book” box or the magnifying glass icon in the panel to the left.


You can download sections of ebooks as DRM-free PDF files. These files are marked for UniSA, and the allowances are the same as for printing (see below). Use the "Chapter Download" or "Print to PDF" icons above the reader view.  Please note that you cannot "Download to PDF" during the 5 minute reading time.

Complete book downloads are only enabled for some titles. 

If enabled, you can download a complete book by choosing the “Full Download” button on the book detail page or in the icons above the reader view.

Most downloaded ebooks are protected with Adobe DRM. Please see our guide to Downloading ebooks for information on the software required to read DRM-protected books. Downloaded books have a 1 day loan period, and will need to be downloaded again when this period has expired.


The copy and print limits on most Ebook Central books are based on a percentage of the number of pages in the book:

  • Copy: up to 20%
  • Print/Download: up to 40%

These limits reset every 24 hours, so you can return for more if necessary. For more information, see Downloading in Ebook Central and Ebook Central: Per User Per Day Copy, print, and download limits.

Some publishers set more restrictive limits for copying and printing. The limits can be viewed on the book details page or tab. Some books are Read Online only and no copying or downloading is available due to publisher restrictions (eg. Cengage).

To print, use the "Print to PDF" icon above the reader view.

To copy the text of a whole page, use the "Copy" icon above the reader view. To copy specific text, select it and use the "Copy" icon in the pop-up menu.


To highlight text or add notes, select text in the reader view and use the "Highlight" or "Add Note" icons in the pop-up menu.

ProQuest Ebook Central at a glance

Read online Yes. Some titles are Read Online only (eg. Cengage)
Download Yes, sections as PDF or whole book as Adobe DRM.
Print Yes, with page limits on detail page
Highlight/annotate Yes
Personal account No
DRM free Limited book sections only
Simultaneous access Some titles multiple users, some single user
Online help ProQuest Ebook Central guide

ProQuest Ebook Central: Downloading books