Communication, Media and Journalism: COMM 1006: Communication and Media

Assignment Help

1. What you need to do

This assignment help will assist you with your assessments for this course. 

Remember to always read the course outline and course website for the assessment instructions and rubric. 

2. Searching Tips

On these pages you will find resources on how to: 

       Plan Your Search 

       Find Information

3. Assessment 1 - Reflective writing

For Assessment 1 you need to synthesise your understanding of the weekly topics by reflecting on your own experience of communication and media and its influence in society. 

Here are some useful links on how to undertake reflective writing.

4. Assessment 2 - Essay

This short video goes through the process of writing an essay.

Peer-reviewed sources, refining your results and start searching

In your essay you need to reference credible academic sources.

Here is a short video on Scholarly Sources (also known as peer-reviewed or refereed sources).

  • You can start your searching on the Library catalogue
  • Use the Refine my results section to limit to peer-reviewed content (credible academic sources)
  • Here is an example search to get you started:

5. Assessment 3 - Project

For Assessment 3 you are asked to produce a project piece in a format of your choosing. Some formats might include: 

  • Storyboard, Powerpoint, Prezi, magazine cover/article, animation, video diary, blog post

Here are some resources to assist you with your choice and creation

6. Evaluating Information

It is important to evaluate the information you find. Watch this short video and for more information view the Evaluate page.

7. Further Assignment Help

The Student Engagement Unit has created a suite of resources called Study Help that can help you understand different assignment types.

There is also a Writing your assignment page that can also assist you with interpreting your topic and planning your search


Take a look at:

Studiosity offers assistance with academic writing, referencing, maths, business studies and more. Use the online chat or submit work for feedback.

8. Referencing Help

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

The Referencing Roadmap (Harvard) shows you how to reference using the Harvard-UniSA style.

9. Library Help