Communication, Media and Journalism: UO COMM 3077: Integrated Communication Planning - Communication Plan


Support for your communication plan

What you need to do

This assignment help will assist you with your communication plan.

Remember to always read the course outline and website for the assessment instructions and rubric. 

Team work

Being able to work in a team is critical to this assessment. Below are videos and resources to help you develop your team work skills:

LinkedIn Learning:

Study Help:

Find communication plans

WARC allows you to find advertising best practice, evidence and insights from the world's leading brands. 

It is recommended that you search WARC for relevant Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions to see how they write their communication plans. In particular look for those that used social media. 

Finding Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions
  • In the search box on the home page type in Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions

  • Select the Search icon
  • From the results scroll down the menu on the left hand side and select the limit Source: then select Cannes Creative Lions 

  • Select the title hyperlink to open a particular campaign and look at the communication plan

Below are some examples of previous entrants who used social media in their campaigns:

Social Media

WARC can also be useful for finding information on social media including insights, strategies and trends.

  • In the search box on the homepage type in social media

  • From the results page you can limit your search using the left menu
  • Browse the results for relevant content. You may want to select the topic social media

Screenshot of Social Media category in WARC database

Statista: The Leading Statistics Portal includes:

  • Industry statistics from market, trade, scientific, and government sources
  • Free to publish charts in presentations, website and marketing materials
  • Infographics and downloadable diagrams
  • Social Media - Statistics & Facts including a dossier on social media usage worldwide available to download

   Watch the Statista Tutorial on Search Functionality
   (opens in new window)

Social Media Reports

For more, try these LinkedIn Learning courses:

Company and Industry Information quick guide

The Library has a range of search tools, such as company and industry databases, to help you locate relevant information. Here are some key databases you can search:

Find company information
Are you looking for? Is the company...? Try these databases:
Australian Public
Government bodies
Non-profit organisations
(may contain some
Australian content)
Find industry information
Are you looking for? Try these databases:
(May contain some
Australian content)

Navigate to the Company and Industry Information guide

For more information on how to search the specific databases go to the Company and industry information guide.

Key news databases

To find media coverage about your organisation or the industry you are researching, try searching in one of these databases:

NewsBank Newspapers                                          
Australian & New Zealand newsstream
Informit EduTV
​ TV News

Need more help finding media coverage? Check out our News Media guide.

SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis is a model that analyses an organisation's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It can help identify what the organisation is doing well and what needs improvement.

Have a look at these sites for help with conducting a SWOT analysis:

Working with a client

It is important that you are able to work with your clients to produce your communication plan. Below are videos you can watch to help you develop your skills:

Get creative

Creativity is a much valued skill that can be used to innovate and problem solve. Anyone can learn how to be more creative. Explore the resources below for inspiration:

Critical reflection

Critical reflection is not just about describing an experience, it is about exploring your reactions, thoughts and questions to the experience. To learn more look at the resources below:

More help

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

The Referencing Roadmap (Harvard) shows you how to reference using the Harvard-UniSA style.