Communication, Media and Journalism: COMM 1081 Introduction to Creative Industries

Assignment Help

1. Introduction

This Assignment Help will assist you in finding information for Assessment 2 & 3.

  • For Assessment 2 you will need to find a piece of South Australian arts policy and write a report on the document.
  • For Assessment 3 you will need to write an essay investigating and discussing a key issue facing an industry sector.

Please refer to your Course Outline and Course Learnonline Site for full assessment information.

2. Finding Policy Documents with APO

For this assignment, it has been recommended that you find your policy document using the Australian Analysis and Policy Observatory.

There are 3 key ways to search the APO website, all of which can be found in the menu bar at the top of the webpage:

  1. Select Browse to search by subject area.
  2. Select Collection to search the 'Cultural Policy & Creative Industries' Collection.
  3. If you know the name of a policy, you can type the name in to the Search Box.

Tip: Refine your search results to South Australian Documents using the Geographic Coverage option in the left hand menu.

A cultural policy is a plan or course of action that will influence and determine cultural decisions, actions and other cultural matters.

Note: A policy will sometimes be called by a different name.  Examples include strategy, plan or procedure.

Cultural policy documents can come from a wide range of groups and organisations.  

For the purposes of this assignment, you may select policy documents from:

  • National (sub-national or local) governments
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Transnational organisations
  • Private companies
  • Foundations

3. Plan your search

Example question:

"Investigate and discuss the importance of diversity in the film industry."

1. Break your question down:

Identify the task word(s) in your question. "Investigate" and "discuss"
Next identify the content words in your question. You can find these by taking the task word and adding the question “What?”

Investigate or discuss what?

  • Diversity
  • Film Industry

2. Identify your key concepts 

Think of synonyms or similar concepts that can be used.  This is important as not everyone will use the same terminology.

Concept 1: Diversity Concept 2: Film Industry

Synonyms or similar concepts:

  • Representation
  • Equality

Synonyms or similar concepts:

  • Movie industry
  • Hollywood

3. Build your search strategy

Connect your concepts using AND or OR 

e.g. (diversity OR representation) AND "film industry" 

Tip: Check out this 'How To' Guide for more information on building your search strategy.

 Want to know more?

4. Finding information

The Library Catalogue is a great place to start finding information. 

Use your search strategy in the search bar:

Too many search results? Use the Refine my Results menu (on the left hand side) to refine your search.

 Want to know more?

Try Google Scholar to find scholarly information. Make sure to access Google Scholar through the link above or from the  Library home page to get access to the full text of any resources that we have in the UniSA library collection.

The Advanced Scholar Search option gives more flexibility when you search. To access it select the menu (three lines) in the top left hand corner of Google Scholar. This menu will appear once you do an initial search in Google Scholar.

Here's how it looks with our example question:


 Want to know more?

Databases are searching tools for finding articles, papers, reports and more.  Some databases are subject-specific, whilst others may cover multiple subject areas. You can find databases by browsing the database list by subject.

5. Writing your assignment

For some tips on report writing watch the below video and have a look at this document on writing a report.

For more information on assignment writing, please visit Study Help for a range of resources to help with study and assignments.

UniSA has an excellent tutorial called Writing Your Essay that walks you through every step of writing a successful essay.
For more tips on essay writing watch the below video and have a look at this document on writing an essay.

For more information on assignment writing, please visit Study Help for a range of resources to help with study and assignments.

6. Referencing

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!