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UO COMM 1076: Public relations theory and practice assessment 1.2


This page will get you started in finding relevant information for Assessment 1.2: Presentation

Your assessment requires you to:

  • Choose an organisation from government, NFT or private sector
  • Understand their public and stakeholder targets  
  • Identify which PR tactics have been used in 3 communication strategies

You will then produce a creative and engaging Powerpoint presentation. 

Remember, always read the assessment details in your course website and Course Outline to fully understand the task.

Choose an Organisation

The WARC database allows you to find advertising award winners.

From the navigation bar at the top select Creative and from the drop down menu select either WARC Creative 100, WARC Media 100 or WARC Effective 100 and navigate to the top campaigns.

You can then select the name of one of the listed companies to view details about their award winning campaign.

Tip: Award descriptions usually include a dedicated section detailing the audience targeted

Finding winning campaigns from PR industry bodies' websites may also help you choose an organisation:

The Organisation: Website

Start by searching for your organisations website. Most include information such the history of the company, the industry, previous promotions and media releases, and annual reports.
TIP:  Look for sections like 'about us', 'media centre', 'news room' or social media handles. These is sometimes at the bottom of the page. 

While on the website, try to answer some key questions about your company. This will help you choose the right Company Information Databases to search for further information:

  • Is your organisation Australian or international? 
  • Is the organisation private, public or non profit?
  • What industry/sector does your organisation operate within?

The Organisation & Stakeholders

The Library subscribed to a number of databases which feature company and industry reports. These include information about the organisation, its key stakeholders, publics and consumers.

Company Information
Are you looking for? Is the company...? Try these databases:
Australian Public
Government bodies
Non-profit organisations
(may contain some
Australian content)
Industry information
Are you looking for? Try these databases:
(May contain some
Australian content)

Need more help? View our dedicated guide:

Spotlight: Business Source Ultimate

Business Source Ultimate includes detailed company profiles and industry reports.

The collection also features SWOT analyses and market research reports. Content is USA-focused but includes some Australian materials.

  • To find company information, enter the name of your company and select 'CO Company Entity'.

Screenshot of simple search.

  See more tips on Searching Business Source Ultimate for Company Information

  • To find MarketLine / Medtrack Company Profiles, use the Company Profiles option. Go to 'More' along the top bar, and the drop-down menu will appear. Click on 'Company Profiles'.
Screenshot of where to find 'Company profiles'.

To search for an industry profile, enter the name of the industry (i.e. wine or retail or perfumery) in the search box and click Search:

Screenshot of advanced search box

Under Refine Results select Source Types > Industry Profiles (select Show More to see the full range of sources)

Screenshot of refining search results by source types

Organisation's PR Activity/Strategies

You may need to search multiple sources to learn your organisation's PR activities and strategies. Consider searching: 

  • Your organisation's website
  • Social media channels
  • The WARC database, which includes a range of campaign materials for well-known brands
  • Youtube for video advertisements

It may also be helpful to find media coverage about your organisation.  Try searching in one of these databases:

Need more help finding media coverage? Check out our News Media guide.

Spotlight: WARC

WARC includes best practice, evidence and insights from the world's leading brands. The database features detailed marketing and PR campaigns, including the specific marketing strategies.

Users can:

  •  browse by industry for case studies, or
  • search by keyword, tactic (video, media releases etc) or creative approach (activism, humour, fear etc).

To browse by industry, from the navigation bar at the top of the screen, select More then Categories:

Image: WARC navigation bar

From the results screen, select a category of interest. A list of results will appear. You can limit to campaigns only using the Content Type > Case Study filter on the right

Screenshot of applying 'content type' filters.

Selecting the title of a campaign case study loads the Campaign Report. This includes information about the objectives, methods and target audience.

To search by Creative Approach or Tactic employed, select Strategy and then Case Finder.

Image: WARC navigation panel

The Case Finder page allows you to select from a number of filters, or even search for a specific term. You can then either filter by Creative Approach or Tactic employedselect the down arrow next to that option and then tick the methods of interest.

Screenshot of case finder page on WARC

From the results screen, selecting the title of a campaign case study loads the Campaign Report.

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