Communication, Media and Journalism: COMM 1006: Communication and Media

What you need to do

This assignment help will assist you with the following assessments for this course:

  • Continuous assessment: short answer questions
  • Essay
  • Project

Remember to always read the Course Outline and course website for the assessment instructions. You will also find information in this guide on how to: 

Assessment 1: Continuous assessment

For Assessment 1 you will be assessed on your understanding of the first five weeks of course content. The assessment requires you to write three short answers that will be workshopped during tutorials and/or with peers online prior to submission.

Take a look at the following video on writing assignments at university.

Check out this page for help understanding and breaking down your assignment questions. 


Assessment 2: Essay

Building upon your previous assessment, your second assessment involves writing an essay. This short video goes through the process of planning and writing an essay.

Find scholarly information

You need to use credible academic sources to support your essay. These sources are also known as "scholarly", "peer reviewed" and "refereed".

The Library Collection is a good place to start your search for scholarly material. You can use it to find eBooks, journal articles, reports, videos and more.

  • Use the Refine my results section to limit to peer-reviewed content (credible academic sources)
  • Here is an example search to get you started:

"fast fashion" AND people AND environment

Check out this short video on Scholarly Sources for more information.

Assessment 3: Project

For this assessment, you will produce a media project in a format of your choosing to explain how memes can be used as a form of media activism. 

Some formats might include:

Storyboard Blog post                     Prezi or PowerPoint
Magazine cover/article Animation Video diary

Below are some resources to assist you with your choice and creation:

Software for creating videos and presentations:

Resources for finding music:

Resources for creating your own blog or magazine design:


For your project, you will choose a meme collection that has three or more interrelated images to demonstrate how original ideas can be adapted to produce new and varied meanings in the context of media activism.  

Take a look at the following resources on memes and how they can influence society as well as users' behavioural activities on social media platforms:

You can search the library collection for further information on memes. Here is an example search to get you started:

Evaluating information

Once you've found some sources to use in your assignments, it's important to evaluate them for accuracy, credibility and relevance to your needs.

The following offer more information and tips on undertaking this key step:

Study Support

Need advice on writing or presenting? Not sure how to organise your ideas? The Study help: online resources hub has tools to help you with your Assignments and succeed at university!

Want someone to check over a draft of your assignment? Studiosity offers an online classroom where you can chat with a learning adviser. The associated "Check Mate" service helps with English, writing and referencing.

  • Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
    Help with the Harvard UniSA referencing style. Find in text-citations and reference examples, from different sources such as articles, books & chapters, websites, and more.
  • Referencing hub
    Information around what is referencing, paraphrasing, referencing rules, referencing styles and Academic Integrity. Also includes a link to the Harvard Referencing Guide UniSA (pdf).
  • Referencing forum
    Discuss referencing, exchange advice and post questions and answers about referencing (facilitated by Student Engagement Unit).
  • EndNote
    What do you do with all those references you have found? Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool, EndNote. There are also many free systems available.