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Resources for Assessment 1: Project


For assessment 1, you need to develop a performance appraisal form for a job in an organisational unit of your choice. This guide contains materials that will serve as references and resources to help you develop your performance appraisal form. It also includes guidance on report writing and citing references.

See your course outline and course site for full assessment details.

Performance appraisal (evaluation)

This section provides resources on performance appraisal, including definitions and overviews, objectives, trends, effectiveness debates, and methods.

Introduction / Overview

Performance Appraisal Methods

Performance appraisal methods (ED Easy, 2020)

  • Video length: 18 min.
  • In this video, several traditional and modern performance appraisal methods are discussed.

Effectiveness at Work

Modern performance appraisal methods (continued)

The additional resources in this section also discuss each modern method of performance appraisal.

Behaviorally-Anchored Rating Scale

What is a Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)? (HR University, 2022)

  • Video length: 7 min 5 sec.
  • This video includes an explanation of the Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS), a measure that is used to rate employee performance.

Human Resource Accounting Method

Management by Objectives

Psychological Appraisal

Ratings Scale


Report writing

Now that you have done your research it is time to put all of your information together into a report.

Study Help is an online hub packed with resources to help with assignments and study skills. Watch the below short video on report writing

Cite (referencing)

You are required to cite the references you have used in your report. Consult your course page for information about the style you should use. 

The resources below will help you to get started.